Quick and healthy nibbles

My friends and I had these delicious and healthy appetizers on Friday night and I wanted to share these with you guys. So quick and easy!


All you need:
– Carrots
– Celeries
– Cherry tomatoes
– Whole-wheat pita bread
– Hummus
– Tzatziki
– And of course a bottle of Chardonnay!

Did you know that wine, particularly red wine, contains antioxidants and the most powerful one is called resveratrol, which has been shown to have anti-aging and anti-cancer effects and it may help prevent heart disease?

Create your own easy healthy appetizers with any vegetables, fruits and nuts. These kinds of nibbles are perfect if you just want to have some no hassle snacks with your friends without any proper party occasion!

P.S. Thanks Ila, Alessia and Vale!

 Xoxo, S


6 thoughts on “Quick and healthy nibbles

  1. This is making me hungry. I have a question about humous.. i always want to buy it but i don’t get how to eat it or with what?
    PS. Thanks for giving me a reason to drink wine 😉

    • Raw veggies are perfect as a healthy option. 😉 However, you may also want to try hummus with some pita bread or any bread, crackers or chips – just dip these into hummus or spread a lay on your bread!

  2. Very lovely snacks! The problem for me is that i end up drinking two bottles by myself and eat chips. need to learn how to control myself and meake these lovely snacks instead

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